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Nikolai Letow´s idea of a line of training machines that focuses on the hard to be trained trunk musculature also appeals to an internationally renowned expert in the area of orthopedic manual therapy (OMT). Professor Lasse Thue, CEO of the European Academy for OMT and teacher of OMT in several European countries as well as Japan and South Korea, says about his experience with itensic:


“ I am very impressed that you develop such functional machines for the lumbar spine area. My work as a trainer takes me around the whole world and till now I have never seen machines that are able to train the deep muscles in the lumbar spine in such a specific way. The way of training corresponds exactly to the manual therapy ideas that I try to teach the participants in my courses.”

Professor Lasse Thue

"From a scientific perspective a use of these machines should be considered as appropriate especially for rehabilitation sport but also for leisure athletes and professional athletes, because the newly developed itensic – machines assure a targeted vitalization of the deep inner stabilizing trunk-musculature. They allow an effective training by levels not seen yet."  

Philipp Flößel 
Bachelor of Art Sportmanagement 
Trainer "B Schein" kayak racing 
Trainer of the Saxon Canoe Federation (Sächsischer Kanu Verband e.V.) based in Dresden

Results of the most recent use of the new machines at the federal sports base Dresden / Rowing, sector OSP Chemnitz/ Dresden

"The new machine mobilizes the lumbar spine and specifically targets and strengthens the deep muscles. For rowers, this is very important for the development of the deep-lying muscles. 

With usual rowing motion, primarily the back extensor is emphazised and deep-lying musculature is strained too little. By activating the deep muscles with the new machine, an improved stability of the lumbar spine can be achieved." 

Egbert Scheibe

Trainer of the federal sports base / rowing

"We are very impressed by your equipment, there is currently no comparable equipment on the fitness market known to strengthen exactly our midsection. To address the deep muscles it is a really good alternative to the Sling-Training."

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