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The itensic principle is based on a simple idea: whereas the training on classic machines stimulate big, superficial muscles by using rotatory (turning) movements, itensic machines use translatoric (straight) movements in short distances to stimulate the muscles. These straight movements train specifically the short muscle fibers deep inside the body that are located close to the pivot point of the joint. The outcome is an intensive stimulation of the muscles that ensure stability in the center of the body.

The putting into practice of this innovative idea which was inspired by manual therapy and physiotherapy techniques maximizes the training effect for body conscious people of all athletic levels. Occasional athletes and rehabilitation patients profit from the workout with itensic machines as well as ambitious leisure athletes and professional athletes. Abdominal workout that focuses only on pure esthetic appearance of the six pack profits from the itensic principles as well as smart prevention against problems of the intervertebral discs.

The itensic line is inspired by the conviction that the majority of the machines on the market focus on muscles that are being trained mainly for esthetic reasons. But actually the strengthening of the trunk should get most attention. In order to achieve that the itensic machines use manual therapy techniques which stabilize and mobilize muscles and joints. The symbiosis of physiotherapic knowledge and modern training knowledge make this line of machines unique.

The itensic principle was developed by Nikolai Letow, physiotherapist, manual therapist, and athlete. Since 1998 Nikolai Letow manages a prevention and rehabilitation center and teaches manual therapy and sports medicine in professional schools. In his training center he takes care of fitness enthusiasts, rehabilitation patients, leisure athletes, and professional athletes in the Olympic Training Center Chemnitz-Dresden.

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